Monday, April 3, 2017

20 Best Social Networks Websites


Social Networks Websites

Friends help friends with anything, especially homework. These sites are fantastic for connecting high school students in need of some study assistance. Got a question about that biology dissection you’re going to do tomorrow? Need to practice Spanish for youronline college for foreign language course? Connect with a classmate to swap notes.

20 Best Social Networks Websites

MySpace: This well known social network lets users find friends, classmates and meet new people. Now MySpace now allows its members to listen to free music or share video.

Facebook: The most popular social site on the Internet has over two hundred million members and become one of the premier photo sharing services.

Linkedin: Find people who share your interests among a community of 40 million students and professional seeking to advance their career and education interests.

Bebo: Share video and meet new friends around the world. This social network also caters to a large Spanish speaking community.

hi5: An international social network that also operates on a local level, this site allows members to stay connected, while sharing their lives and keeping up with current events. This is especially interesting for those enrolled in online colleges for history, or even those studying psychology.

Friendster: This global social network emphasizes true friendships and discovering new people.

Lovento: An international tourism guide and network providing information on nightlife, sports and art and culture.

MyCool: A social network considering fashion, culture and life this site is great for students looking for a study break.

beRecruited: A network for athletes looking to get recruited for college sports, this site connects students with coaches.

vSocial: An online community built around providing the fastest, ways to share videos.

Alumwire: A network helping students search for career and employment opportunities to find jobs, career and employment opportunities. Search online colleges by location for fellow alums or academics in your area.

b4Class: This simple social network makes it easy for students to connect in order to share notes, test materials and homework.

Campusbug: One of the first social learning networks this educational networking tools connects students all over the world.

Quizilla: A social site connecting teens around the world, this site has security to assure no unsavory elements infect the network. A network for students, parents, and administrators to learn the facts about financial aid, scholarships, loans, jobs, and college majors

studentSN: This social network is an engaged community of students dedicated to learning.

Social Economy Student Network: Connecting passionate caring students with one another, this site is dedicated to saving the world through service. A network designed to link Christian teens with one another, this site is easy and functional.

Teens for Planet Earth: A social networking site for teens who want to protect our planet, this resource is great for youth wanting to make a difference.

Habbo: A virtual hangout where users can create and design their own rooms, even throw parties for their online friends.


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